Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Opinion on blogs

Hello people!!! I'm here to say what I think of blogs... Well, I don't find the idea bad, I agree with Jérémy that it is way more pleasurable to write in a blog than to write in the copybook... (the copybook usually sucks...=P) BUT! Th connection problems are horrible! unbearable! Especially for me, because I have to post during the week, because I don't have a computer on the week-end, which really annoys me, because we don't have classes the day I have the computer...

Thank goodness Mme Dieu gives me the time... For example, now I should be posting on the last week or so, but in fact I'm sneaking oout of my commentaire composé... Anyway, I think the blog IS a good idea, specially because it obliges us to use the new vocabulary, which is something we wouldn't do normally... I think we should keep on with the blog... !! ^__________________^""V