Friday, November 26, 2004

Talking to people

So, this morning was really exciting... We were talking to various people in the world, in fact, two teachers: Venny form Tailand and Anne from Denmark. We were introducing ourselves and I had to talk to say "It's a very sunny day in São Paulo, a quarter past eight, we've just began classes" or something like that. I was so nervous, but after that it was fine and I volunteered to talk after Amanda. Just one thing, it's that everyone wanted me to sing! In fact, Venny said "let's sing a song" in texte module and I answered him, in text also, "hahahahhaha", so he said "Caroline sing a song!!" and I was just like "ahhhh noooo". If I wasn't shy, and if I knew what to sing I would have done it... If I have this chance again, I'll try!!!
I REALLY liked it!! I hope we do it again!!