Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My opinion

Hello everybody!!!
How are you?
Like Jeremy, I think that blogs have some advantages but some disadvantages too.
The advantages are:

- On the computer you can write more easily than in a copybook, it's faster and for the teacher it's more pleasurable to read and correct... :)
- You can put some pictures and images for illustrate your posting or your homework.
- You can enjoy yourself writing in the blogger, reading and putting comments in your friends' blogs.
- When you have some research to do and put it in your blog, you can directly do it on the Internet and provide links, whereas when you have to do your homework in the copybook you have to seek the information on your computer and THEN you can write it in the copybook.
For this reasons, I think posting on a Blog is a good idea!!! ;)

The disavantages are:

- For persons like K-ro who can only post in the blog during the week-end , I think that it's not practical because sometimes it's difficult to post during the week.
- There are a lot of connection problems...
- You can't go to the Internet all the time, sometimes it's more difficult to have a connection.
So, I think it's all I have to say about the blogs.
But I it's sure I prefer the Blog and the Internet than copybooks and books... :D
BYEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!