Monday, March 28, 2005


Our next unit is about heroes. At the end of it, you should be prepared to make an oral presentation summarizing in your own words what you have learnt and talking about a hero you have chosen.

You will read and discuss about the qualities that make people be considered heroes and will illustrate your point with examples taken from your experience or readings.

Use your blog to note down and develop your points of view and document your research as you go along.
Some questions for reflection:

What is a hero?
Where can we find heroes?
Is there a difference between a classical hero, a modern hero and a celebrity?
What is a romantic hero? How would you describe your romantic hero/heroine?
What is a heroic journey or quest?
What kind of heroes do you admire? Why?

Some links of interest for further reading and research

The Time 100
Mythological Heroes
Heroic Archetypes
Legend St George and the Dragon (audio file)