Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back from Holidays

For this week:
a) Upload your photographs to your Flickr account. Landscapes and photos of unknown people can be left public but you should change the privacy settings of personal photos to family and friends.
b) Upload the photos to one of the two pools created: Holiday Surprises or Everyday Scenes following the instructions given.
c) Read the post on and comment on it if you feel like it.
d) Read the answers to your questions Rudolf and Josef posted during the holidays and respond to them if questions were asked.
e) Choose one or two pics from your Flickr account, send it to your Blogger and blog about it, describing/commenting/giving more details of that particular scene.
f) Tag all your photos at Flickr with as many descriptive words as you can. If you do not know a word, add Wordreference to your favourites and use its French-English translator to find what you need.