Friday, March 12, 2004

The best way to get on with people is being a nice person!! And trying to be helpful! You can't be shy! You have to make people laugh! I think that internet is a good way to get on with people , because you can talk to many persons at the same time... School is a place to get on too! But the best are the public places!! Were you find loooooooooooots of diferent people, so you can be sure that someone will apreciate you!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I think, the best way to get on with people is introduce yourself and talk to them, because is very important meet different cultures. The people talk to them in first place on internet.Talk to people is important too, because you learn different languages of the World.
What is the best ways to get on with people?

I don't know goodly what is the best ways to get on with people but reading the answers of the others persons, I presume that the best way is not beeing shy. I think we also must be sociable. Now, it's more easy to get on with people because of the new technologies (Internet) and the distances are smaller. With the Internet, sometimes they are ploblems because persons are laying about himslef (age...).

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

What is the best way to get on with people?

I don't this there is a "best way to get on with people" I think you have to be yourself and if they like you, best for you. I think it is not cool get on with people and not being you. I agree that there are some things that you cannot say or do with people but I don't like this kind of persons who has "two personalities", one is to use when they get on with people and the other is to use the rest of time.
I think that you have to entreat people that you are getting on because nobody likes getting on with a monotone person. If you are funny you can get on better with people because who doesn't like talk and get on with someone funny?
Here is some advice to get on with people. I hope it helps you !!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

You have many ways to get on with people in our days! If you're a shy person the internet is a good option, because you can talk to people, but you can't see them, neither they! But if you're an extrovertid person you can meet people in public places! Like pubs, night clubs,parks, etc. But you also have to be a really nice person, because if you're not, then I don't think that people will appreciate your company.If you're a helpful person that's a good thing, because people usually like to be helped.I guest this is the basic part of "how to get on with people", but this aren't the only things that are necessary, there is a lot more stuff that you can't teach, normaly is something natural, that you all have.
For me the best way to get on with people it´s to be nice and sociable with the others .You must be respectful with the others this way they are going to be nice with you.
Hey guys!! How are you all?? Me, I'm fine...
I think that the best way to get on with people is to find something in common with them and try to have a nice conversation. Of course, there are exceptions like me and Victoire... we have nothing in common but we are very good friends (né Victoire? ;))
I also think that being polite is important. Well, I mean, if someone comes and says something very rude to you, I don't think you'll want to talk to this person again.. Having different ideas is also nice, cause then we can discuss (discuss, not fight...)
Hmmm, I think that's it...
See you!!
What's the best way to get on with people?

I, Julio, think that the best way to get on with people is and will always be talking to the others, opening your mind and not being shy.

The "chats" on the Internet are, today, very popular, but I don't think they're a better way of getting on with people because a lot of information about the other one or about yourself is hidden.

What is the best way to get on with the people?

For me the best way to get on with people is talking with my friends. Through them I can meet other people, and someday they can be my friends too!
English class is also a good way to meet people, because we always talk with persons coming from different countries, we learn other cultures and we can show them our culture. It's great!
In camps we get on with people to, there are many different people in just one place! We can learn about each other and change ourselves.
The best way to get on with people is to talk to them, respect them, etc. After you know someone really well, you can make fun of him, if he understands that is a joke. Nevertheless it is not very nice to do it to the others. Sometimes you don't like when someone does that kind of joke to you. But respect is the most important thing. You have to respect people's culture, family, etc. People are not always like you.
The best way to get along with people is to respect them, I think, and not to make fun of them, and all these kind of things.
I think that respect is very important.
In my opinion, I think that the best way to get on with people is to be a very sociable person. If you are not sociable, you will be hated by a lot of persons, and you will not get on with people. You must have a lot of sense of humor, and you must be a nice person to be with.
If you do not have sense of humor, the people are not going to appreciate you, and if you are not nice, people are going to leave you .And you will be alone for the rest of your life.
Hello everybody!!!! Yaya
I think that the best way to get on with people is to be different. We have different points of view, which can result in very interesting conversations. Sometimes it is irritating ,I admit, when people talk about things you don't like or things you can't bear.
But there are also good things about having different points of view. For example we can learn new stuff! Of course, it is also nice to discuss things with people that think like you (or me!!).
See you!!
I think that the best way to get on with people is to be sociable and friendly. For that you have to help people and to be nice to them. You have to go to public places
(Malls, pubs, clubs...) and have initative to talk with different people and not be shy.
If someone comes towards you, you can not be rude to him, because if you do it, people will never talk to you again, because they will think you are snobbish.
So if you want to get on with people, you must respect them, if you want them to do the same with you.
What is the best way to get on with people?
I think that the most decent thing to do first is to introduce yourself to your correspondent.
Then you may ask him about his life and what he likes to do. This way you'll find some common interests and you'll be able to have a nice conversation. Of course this depends on your personality.
According to you, what is the best way to get on with people?