Thursday, September 09, 2004

Impressions about the English blog

I think doing a blog to write what we think about English classes and English language and all this stuff is kind of very interesting. And, me, if I have to choose between homework in a book, and a text on a blog, I'd rather do the blog. Kind of lazy.. I know...
And, nowadays the world turns around the Internet, and books and all this stuff is being replaced, so the like the notebook of tomorrow.


What the blog is for me

For me the blog is a place where I give my impressions of my English classes and other things related to the English language, culture and music. It is very nice because I can put images and links. But sometimes I don't have time to write :-(

Nicholas' Opinion

I think a blog is much fun to a certain level, that is, when we are free to post what do we want post. If I am forced to post things about class material, the blog is not fun anymore!!!


I think that there are two sides to blogging. The first one is positive: we learn by doing a blog and at the end of year we have a result of our work throughout the year. Another good aspect is that we do some new activities like creating a restaurant and commenting on other people´s blogs.
However, the part that I don´t like is that we are obliged to write every week and that I prefer to write on paper, which is more quickly and easily. We don't have to depend on the internet or a computer. But in general, it's a new way of learning and with time I'm going to get used to it.

What I think about posting in blogs.

I think that it is more exciting to post in blogs than to write in notebooks. For people who don't write very well, the blogs are a good option. We can put images and links to illustrate our texts and we can correct our mistakes! Nevertheless, the blogs also have their disadvantage like the fact that sometimes there we have technical problems with the computer and that we can't do the login to enter our blog.

bLoG oPiNiOn!!! =P

I think that using a blog in English class is very interesting but sometimes it becomes boring. A blog should be a personal space, where people write about their experiences, likes, dislikes and their routine's sometimes difficult to write about English lessons. A blog is made to be a pleasant thing, where people write what they want when they want that's why I don't feel like writing in the blog everytime, although I try to..!

My opinion about the blog

For me, the blog has advantages and disavantages. I think that it is better to write in the computer, than on a piece of paper, and we can write more. I like to writte in the blog because we can put what we want and we also need to put comments about the class. On one hand, it is interesting because we have to think about the class, however, on the other hand, we must write every week, and it is a little bit annoying.

Sometimes, we don't have time to write, because some people don't have acess to the computer everyday, others don't have the computer at home, and also we sometimes have some problems with the computer.
All in all, I think that it is a good idea, better than writing in the copybook for sure.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

For or against Blog?

As Jérémy, Klara and Caroline said, I think that posting in a blog has some advantages and disadvantages.

I think that the positive items of the blog are: we can change the date, it's easier to correct grammatical mistakes, we can put some illustrations and we can comment on the posts of our friends.

Now the negative items: I prefer to write in a copybook as although I haven't got the problem of Internet connection, I haven't got the time to write everyday in the blog. .

Although the are more argument for, I am not very fond of blogs...

My opinion

Hello everybody!!!
How are you?
Like Jeremy, I think that blogs have some advantages but some disadvantages too.
The advantages are:

- On the computer you can write more easily than in a copybook, it's faster and for the teacher it's more pleasurable to read and correct... :)
- You can put some pictures and images for illustrate your posting or your homework.
- You can enjoy yourself writing in the blogger, reading and putting comments in your friends' blogs.
- When you have some research to do and put it in your blog, you can directly do it on the Internet and provide links, whereas when you have to do your homework in the copybook you have to seek the information on your computer and THEN you can write it in the copybook.
For this reasons, I think posting on a Blog is a good idea!!! ;)

The disavantages are:

- For persons like K-ro who can only post in the blog during the week-end , I think that it's not practical because sometimes it's difficult to post during the week.
- There are a lot of connection problems...
- You can't go to the Internet all the time, sometimes it's more difficult to have a connection.
So, I think it's all I have to say about the blogs.
But I it's sure I prefer the Blog and the Internet than copybooks and books... :D
BYEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I think about the blog

Commenting on blogs

I think blogs are web pages where you can talk about someone or something. Using it for school work is different, a little bit strange, but better than writing on a piece of paper: you can illustrate it and give links. But if the computer or the internet doesn't work, then you can't write on your blog.

Opinion on blogs

Hello people!!! I'm here to say what I think of blogs... Well, I don't find the idea bad, I agree with Jérémy that it is way more pleasurable to write in a blog than to write in the copybook... (the copybook usually sucks...=P) BUT! Th connection problems are horrible! unbearable! Especially for me, because I have to post during the week, because I don't have a computer on the week-end, which really annoys me, because we don't have classes the day I have the computer...

Thank goodness Mme Dieu gives me the time... For example, now I should be posting on the last week or so, but in fact I'm sneaking oout of my commentaire composé... Anyway, I think the blog IS a good idea, specially because it obliges us to use the new vocabulary, which is something we wouldn't do normally... I think we should keep on with the blog... !! ^__________________^""V

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Blogs : Advantages, disadvantages...

Hi guys!!!
How are you, guys? I’m here to tell you what I think about blogs.
A blog has got a lot of advantages, and some disadvantages too...So, here we go!:
- I think that doing my homework in a blog is very nice, because you feel comfortable, and it is faster than writing in notebooks. Well, I’ll say that is more practical too. And, when I write in my blog, it is a pleasure, I feel good, I enjoy writing in it. But, when I open my copybook, I feel sad, and I say: ”What did I do to deserve this? ”It’s not a pleasure at all doing homework in copybooks...

Well, this is the good things, but, I think that there is a problem, that is a big problem certainly, because, to do a blog, you need:
- a computer connected to internet. And there are a lot of people who don't have computers or connection to the internet... Unfortunately, sometimes, also if you have a computer connected to the internet, it is very difficult to get a connection, sometimes it takes a very long time.This is my opinion about blogs. I am very keen on blogs, and I hope that we will be using blogs in the classroom next year.