Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Henry Moore´s Exhibition

On Friday 20th we are going to visit Henry Moore´s exhibition at the Pinacoteca do Estado. This retrospective, organized by the British Council Brazil, consists of 220 works, including large-scale bronzes, and works on paper.
The visit will last 4 hours. We will leave at 11, have lunch in the garden, go for the guided tour (about 1.20)and watch the film.
Before we go however, I would like you to make a research on the net to find out more about the man, the work and his time.
You task:
a)Consult and read as many sources as you can
b)View his work and describe your impressions.
c)Do not copy and paste but sum up the information in your own words and cite the sources. You may link to illustrate influences and work so as to expand the meaning
d)Say what kind of work he produced, who/what influenced him
e)Give your opinion

Update: Please continue this post and describe your visit to the Pinacoteca. You can compose the message directly on Flickr if you want to also blog one of the photos to illustrate your post.