Monday, October 17, 2005

Disarmament Referendum in Brazil

On October 23rd 2005, all eligible citizens will be required to vote, responding to the question YES or NO to the question, "Should the sale of all types of firearms and ammunition be prohibited in Brazil?"

The debate on gun control is a heated one and opinion is divided. While many Brazilians are against gun violence and would like to lead safer lives, many argue that curbing the arm trade will do little to stop criminals from using them and will further encourage illegal gun trade.

  • Read the following articles and check where the information comes from
  • Draw a list of words related to the subject
  • Decide whether they are biased for or against disarmament and show how
  • List the arguments for and against
  1. Tough clash ahead in Brazil referendum to ban guns
  2. Rare drop in gun deaths in Brazil
  3. Brazilians to vote on gun ban
  4. Historic Decision: Disarmament Statute Passed In Congress
  5. Confessions of an Unarmed American Living in Brazil