Friday, November 26, 2004

Very Interesting

Hello, today at morning, we had a very interesting class. There we spoke with students from others countries (in microphones) like Denmark, Taiwan and USA. Well each one of us spokes a little about us (likes and dislikes), our city and school. Everyone was able to listening and learn (perhaps) more about us and other students. I liked a lot this type of exercise, first because is a new and different way to communicate with others countries and learn more about the people who live there. And by doing it, we might see that we liked almost all the same kind of music or places to go out. And spoke in microphone is much more interesting and lively, where we saw their pictures and listened to their voices.
So, to conclude I like it a lot and I hope we continuous chatting with them.
It is all than...BYE!

About Webheads

So, today morning we talked by internet with some people from Denmark, Taiwan and United States. We introduced ourselves to them (where are we from, how is here, do we like here...) after this they asked us some questions and doubt about us, or something that they would like to know about us. It was really nice because we interacted with people from other countries, and they with us. In my opinion the bet part of that conversation was when we told them about our country Brazil, and specially our city Sao Paulo. They learnt a little bit about our city.

I loved it!!

Well, about the online conversation that we had today, I just LOVED IT!!I was really embarrassed, because everyone had a prepared introduction...but I was absent, but anyway I liked it.
Right now I'm listening to myself speaking, and I'm feeling ridiculous, but it was a good experience.

Chat with other countries...

Hello everybody!!!
Today, we chatted with students and teachers from other countries by microphone. They were from Denmark, Taiwan and United States. We had to introduce ourselves and to answer some questions asked by them. It was great especially when we sang "The girl from Ipanema" to them.

Talking to people

So, this morning was really exciting... We were talking to various people in the world, in fact, two teachers: Venny form Tailand and Anne from Denmark. We were introducing ourselves and I had to talk to say "It's a very sunny day in São Paulo, a quarter past eight, we've just began classes" or something like that. I was so nervous, but after that it was fine and I volunteered to talk after Amanda. Just one thing, it's that everyone wanted me to sing! In fact, Venny said "let's sing a song" in texte module and I answered him, in text also, "hahahahhaha", so he said "Caroline sing a song!!" and I was just like "ahhhh noooo". If I wasn't shy, and if I knew what to sing I would have done it... If I have this chance again, I'll try!!!
I REALLY liked it!! I hope we do it again!!